welcome to my universe

i am a young nigerian creative who likes to chill with girls, get money and chop life. i am many things, but regular is not one of them. i sing. i write. i produce. i dope die. ckay is the first and last of his kind. there never was and there will never be. i don’t play the hand i’m dealt i change the whole damn deck. moved out of my parents’ house when i was seventeen and never looked back. i have a legacy to build, nothing to lose and everything to win. God and guts got me here. you can take me there. if you’re a fan of me, thank you. if you aren’t, you should be. because, why not?

ckay the first is a playlist of outlandish vibes from a planet called ckay. it is a journey into my mind — my weird thoughts, opinions, experiences and emotions presented to you in audio form. do yourself a favour, listen, bless yourself and stan.


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